What We Do

The entire concentration of our organisation is to fulfil the heartfelt wishes of children facing clinical illnesses. For this, we usually depend on the support of volunteers and citizens of the country. Every year we fulfil at least a thousand different wishes for children ageing from 5 years to 18 years. These wishes can include anything from meeting a celebrity to going on a Disney World trip.


Depending on the wish we create a particular budget that is granted to each project. Each project is different from the other since the wish made by the kid is also different. We mainly focus on various fundraising events during a year. These events are usually related to art, craft and music which can be enjoyed by each and every one.

Apart from conducting hospital tours and visits for the children, we also provide a special dine-out program. This dine-out program means you will get to spend time with affected children and enjoy a hearty meal as well. This is for those who want to do something meaningful on special occasions like their birthdays or anniversaries.